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P.F.J. Lermusiaux, P.J. Haley, Jr.,
W.G. Leslie, O. Logutov

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Ocean Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Exercise Background

Predictability is inherently limited in highly dynamic ocean regimes such as coastal and shallow waters, straits, canyons, etc. Uncertainties can remain high because of our yet limited understanding of underlying processes in what appears to be a chaotic environment at short spatio-temporal scales. The lack of integration in observational networks and the monitoring difficulties in these areas may strongly compromise the characterization and prediction of the environment and the objective assessment of operational effectiveness and associated risk. Traditional ship-based experiments become difficult with rising fuel cost and call for innovative and adaptive techniques for persistent autonomous monitoring of the ocean to fill-in areas of high uncertainties.

The scientific objective of the environmental program at NURC is to develop an environmental knowledge management system in the following approach:

The aim of the experiment will be to demonstrate and validate these techniques on a range of environmental processes and spatio-temporal scales relevant in an operational context. The Alboran Sea has been identified as a candidate area for the experiment, offering a challenging environment and a range of contrasted scientific and logistic (e.g. strong currents and heavy maritime traffic in some areas, medium or low currents and quite traffic in other areas) possibilities.

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Real-time Data, Analyses and Forecast Pages

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NetCDF files with Simulation Field Estimates

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Presentations from the 1st REP10 Meeting [Password Protected]:

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